Tesoro del Valle Welcomes Squirrel

Blue Belle and I had a blast with Dr. Shute's 4th grade class! What an incredibly attentive and inquisitive group of students. Not one second was left untouched by interest or curiosity. This presentation went so beautifully as it takes two to tango and this dance was absolutely exquisite.

The Soldier and the Squirrel at North Park Elementary

We are honored to have been invited by North Park Elementary School in Santa Clarita, California to present our The Soldier and the Squirrel Speakers Program on November 14th, 2016 to a school-wide assembly! Thank you to all  the educators who have joined in support of our mission.

FreeWheel Into The Woods

It was just an ice cream cone. Cake cone with Quarterback Crunch, perhaps a subliminal choice due to my passion for football. Perhaps a chance to go wild and dance on a table, if I could. But it could have been black molasses for all I cared. I was out of the house at Baskin & Robin with my littlest one watching her Rainbow Sherbert swirling down her chin.

Will a Spouse Ever Understand Your Life Challenge?

A couple of years ago I was invited to speak at the annual Valentine's Day Gala for the spouses of the Los Angeles Army Battalion on the topic of life challenges.


It has been a while since I have exercised the discipline of blogging and sharing this journey we are on. My blog at is on a platform that no longer allows an iPhone app for convenience and has a new program I need a degree in something techy to understand.

The First Round of Books Are In


The books are shipping this week! Thank you again to everyone who has ordered and for your patience in this first round of print! They are absolutely gorgeous and we could not be happier

The Soldier And The Squirrel Has Launched!

We cannot believe it, but with the incredible and endless commitment of our team, Faiyaz Kara and Gabrielle Cash, the story of a squirrel and his devotion to a soldier has finally come to life. Stephanie and I have been devoted to our military for years.

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